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My first poems were written during the time I spent teaching the Black Studies courses at The University of Southern Colorado in Pueblo, Colorado. That would have been back in 1978, when I taught Blacks in American Today during the fall semester and Afro-American Heritage during the spring term. I did not start teaching these courses when I was first employed. There were three other black faculty members who shared those duties. However, when all of them left and I saw that there was nobody surfacing on campus to teach them, I notified the appropriate administrators that I would begin teaching them at night on campus beginning in the fall of 1978. So sometime between classes and my primary duties as Director of the International Student Services, I found time to write some original poetry. In order of origin, these poems were: Blackman, balaaak vlshionnn, and Ode to the Jock.
For years these three pieces languished in my files, along with all of my other class notes. But after I established my first Internet domain site [] I decided to add these poems as an adjunct to the book that appeared on the site (Black Science Fiction Soul #1). The three poems stood alone for some time, before I wrote and pasted 13 other poems/essays on the site. Once they were all available to the public as part of the domain site, I had no immediate plans to continue writing either more poems or more essays. It just happened.
I might be in the shower and experience a moment of inspiration. Then upon leaving the shower, I would jot down some notes. Or when driving to town. Out of nowhere, some ideas would unfold, forcing me to pull over, park and write down the words filling my head. Sometimes these notes ended upon a piece of scrap paper...a Kleenex...on the back of an envelope...or in the margins of anything I found handy. This pattern continued for months. On some days there was nothing. On other days, my head would practically explode with ideas; which would keep me busy composing until the feelings passed.
Eventually, my larder of 16 poems/essays became 35. Then  45. Culminating in the 107 pieces that now make up the book. Along the way, I contacted several of my email buddies and requested that they send my anything they would like to see printed in my projected Book of Poems and Essays. None of them responded with either a poem or an essay. Except for, of course, my partner in crime, Carla Barela. All of her submissions appear in the final draft of the book. They are also featured in this domain. Besides this background, I discuss my incentive for completing the book on the fifth page of the final copy.
My deepest emotions are buried within my literary pieces appearing between the covers of Book of Poems and Essays. I can't think of anything I might have omitted. So by reading them, you will get to know {the real} me.
In this domain (#4), you will be blessed with Carla's biographical sketch. But much like my works, some of her deepest revelations are contained in her poems and essays as well.

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