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Advice To Michael Vick

Yes, I saved the December 29, 2008 issue of Sports Illustrated. The one showing Sweet Jasmine on the cover. And I read the whole story by Jim Gorant, including the poignant photos of Jasmine, Grace, and Ernie. So I now know a little bit about the operation of Bad Newz Kennels. But this memorandum is not about that or the issues raised by PETA. After all, by now, I am sure you have figured out what went wrong at 1915 Moonlight Road. Have you entertained volunteering at an animal shelter or dog pound in your off season? That would be a good idea.
This might be old hat, but off the top, I think you'd better reevaluate your list of "friends." You don't need an entourage. Relatives or not, this brood of leeches will devour your flesh and drink your blood as long as you allow them to live off your fame.

There are no blue prints for testing loyalty or sincerity. If there were, I'd share them with you. Your money. Keep track of it yourself. Fuck the accountants and financial advisors. You are not making that much money to warrant a slew of slick investors. Rather than secure your portfolio, they are more apt to secure their portfolios. So keep track of your own funds. Cash your own checks. Review your own bank statements. Do not follow the paths of your peer group: "Git you a financial advisor; invest in real estate; open a restaurant." Forget the fly-by night
suggestions that are designed to make you rich, or avoid taxes. Don't even dream of short changing Uncle Sam when it comes to taxes.
Women. Let them slide for now. With time, you might eventually find somebody you can trust. Again, there are no blue prints out there to guide you. However, there is one standard that I use: If a person gives you advice or makes a suggestion that is criminal {against the law} or that could cause you physical or mental harm/distress, then that person cannot be trusted.
Drop that weed romance. And any other illegal drugs. You can't trust anyone you buy from. Forget the flash. You do not have to have $1000 dollar shoes, $3,000 dollar suits, and a diamond studded Rolex. You don't need a sports car that will take you down the freeway at 200 mph at 2:00 AM. Invest your money now, so that when the sky comes falling down, you don't have to go on welfare. Invest safely. Offshore banking accounts? Forget 'em. You do know who Bernie Madoff is?, right? And you do know what happened to Wesley Snipes, right??
The sharks are eyeing you now. Licking their lips. Sizing you up for their next meal. If you have to drink, do so at home. If you go out to drink, get a designated driver -and tell him/her to leave their gat at home. If you are going to a place where you need a gun, then that is not a place where you should be going to in the first place. Do not argue with waiters, bouncers, security guards or cops.
Do not go down town in the middle of the night to pick up a stranger for a blow job. If you just have to have some pussy, take a flight to Vegas. I understand there's a nice legitimate whorehouse nearby that sells some reputable pussy. Eliminate all forms of gambling. Legal or otherwise. If your small change starts to burn a hole in your pocket, find a local animal shelter and give them some money. They exist in every medium sized city all across America, and they all need help. Beyond these specifics, settle down. Try to relax without showboating. Find some hobbies that don't incite the tabloid blood hounds. Go to church once in awhile. It's good for the soul...MORE





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